How do we better prepare people to make well-informed, ethical decisions in regard to their involvement with sport in a world where performance and image enhancing drugs, illegal gambling, match fixing, sexism, homophobia, racism and corruption are commonplace?

What will you learn from this mini-course?

  • Reflect on concepts such as rules, sportsmanship, fair play and the ‘spirit of sport’.
  • What the key ethical approaches are.
  • What ethics are and how they relate to our values, principles, purpose and morals.
  • How to apply the ethical decision making framework to ethical dilemmas in sport.

Good governance, codes of conduct and punitive powers such as sanctions and bans are only half of the equation. In sport, where performance, ethics, values, principles and morals collide on a regular basis, making the right decision is not always straightforward. Ethical dilemmas and choices often exist in ‘grey areas’ – where right and wrong are not so clear.

 Ethical decision making in sport online course

That’s why a greater focus on incorporating integrity, ethics and ethical decision making education and training for athletes, coaches, support personnel and administrators is essential. Information and experience on these topics allows for discovery of what the values, meaning and purpose of sport is to participants, particularly at the grassroots level, so that this behavior and ‘culture of integrity’ becomes engrained and continues throughout all levels of sport. This mini-course will provide an introduction to ethics and a handy ethical decision making framework that you can tie into ethical decision making in sport. 

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Dr Paul Oliver

Course convenor:

Dr Paul Oliver

Oliver & Thompson Consultancy