Welcome to the Play by the Rules online training section.  PBTR provides courses across a wide range of subject areas aimed at everyone involved in sport and recreation, including: coaches, administrators, officials, players, parents and spectators.

These courses are hosted on our partner site together with Sport Integrity Australia - the links below will take you through to an e learning hub where you can register, create a profile and access a wide range of PBTR and Sport Integrity courses.


PBTR offers free courses on some of the most important topics in sport, including: child protection, harassment and discrimination and complaint handling. We also offer free online training for Member Protection Information Officers (MPIOs).

By taking these courses you will upgrade your knowledge and skills, which will help to create safer, fairer and more inclusive environments for all people involved in sport.

The courses have been developed in consultation with sports experts who work in these areas. They are short, user-friendly and feature the latest interactive technology, including case studies, practical scenarios and a quiz. The modules may be done in part, or all at once.

For more information about MPIO officers and the online and face-to-face workshops click here.

Click on the following links for more information and to access the e learning hub to undertake one of our online courses:

  • Child Protection and Safeguarding Course

    Child Protection

    The PBTR Child Protection and Safeguarding online training course is free and suitable for players, volunteers, coaches, officials and administrators in sport. The course has many interactive components and you will receive a certificate of completion when you complete all elements. Help ensure your sport is child safe and get started today.

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  • Harassment & Discrimination Course

    Harassment and Discrimination course

    The Harassment and Discrimination course is an interactive course that covers discrimination law and implications for sports clubs and associations. You’ll get a good understanding of discrimination and harassment and what to do if an incident occurs.

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  • Member Protection Information Officer Course

    MPIO online course

    Member Protection Information Officers play an important role in sport. They are the primary contact point for issues around member protection. You can train to be an MPIO by completing the online and face-to-face training available through Play by the Rules.

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  • Complaint Handling Course

    Complaint Handling

    It's an unfortunate but inevitable part of sport - sometimes things can go wrong. People have a right to complain. The Complaint Handling course will help you and your club or association handle complaints appropriately and efficiently. Find out more about the course by clicking the Read More button below.  

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  • Inclusive Coaching Course

    Inclusive Coaching

    Inclusive coaching is good coaching. This course will provide opportunities for community coaches to develop their own approach and strategies for inclusion with practical case studies and examples of what it means to be inclusive of all people. 

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  • Creating an LGBTI+ Inclusive Club

    LGBTI inclusion in sport

    The Creating an LGBTI+ Inclusive Club course is designed to help your club adopt a positive club culture that is more inclusive of LGBTI+ people. You will be able to define the LGBTI+ community, identify the benefits of LGBTI+ inclusion in your club, adopt inclusive language and address barriers to inclusion in the future.

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  • Mini-Courses


    Our mini-courses focus on specific issues that impact on safe, fair and inclusive sport. They are intended to give you an introduction into a particular topic, rather than an in-depth insight. They typically take just 30-45 minutes to complete and are certificated. 

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