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It’s an online world, and sport and recreation is firmly part of it. Technology has brought incredible advances in sport, but also present risks. Traditional sport club issues such poor sportsmanship or sideline abuse no longer just occur “on the field” – they almost always play out on social media too.

Clubs and members can all play a part in safe and respectful online experiences. Here’s some advice how.


  • Social media issues

    Girl on mobile phone

    From cyberbullying to image based abuse, defamation or fake news, there are a number of common social media issues sport clubs and members should be aware of.

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  • Tips for club committees

    Social Media

    Effectively managing social media issues requires club committees to be prepared and proactive.

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  • Tips for coaches

    Coaches are influential and need to use and understand online communication thoughtfully. Here are some tips how:

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  • Tips for players

    Players have a responsibility to be good sports and behave respectfully at all times when involved in sport, including on social media.

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  • Social media examples

    Man holding selfie sticks

    Listen to some examples of sports taking about social media use and impact.

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  • Social Media Policy

    Social media policy template

    All sport and recreation clubs should have a social media policy in place. Check with your state/national body or use our social media policy template.

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