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Spearheaded by former Socceroo Craig Foster, #PlayForLives is a rapidly growing campaign to get our professional athletes off the bench and into the thousands of essential volunteer positions left vacant in the wake of the coronavirus. We’re asking sporting organisations to mobilise their members, and individual athletes to play for lives, now that they can’t play for points.

You can get involved in Play for Lives if you are a community organisation in need, a community sports organisation/club or even an individual volunteer. Here’s a message from Craig Foster.


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The goalposts have moved for all of us. The game has changed. We’re all on the same team now. And we all have to play together to beat our toughest opposition ever. But our real opposition is not COVID-19. It’s apathy.

If we don’t care, and don’t care for each other, we won’t get through this. But together we’ll beat this thing, and we will win. But we need your club to get involved and play.

Your community needs your club to get involved. It’s time to support your supporters. Your players are fit, they’re focussed and they’re available to help. Get them to volunteer, spread the word and share the love.

Register your sporting club or organisation, upload your members, and search for opportunities in your area to volunteer for.

Play for Lives needs your help to make a difference. Get involved and register your club today.

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We all know how much Aussies love sport, now it’s time to show Aussies in need how much sport loves them, too. We need our sporting community to rise to the challenge because, together, we will make a difference.

This is no time for spectating or standing on the sideline. We need you in the action. We need your help to help those in need. We have positions for everyone, and they're all in the forwards, because, at the moment, attack is our greatest defence.

If you can volunteer and help those who really need it, we want you on our team. And we need you to get your sporting club to get behind us, too. Sign up here to get involved.

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