Mother and son holding basketball

Parents can help create a positive sporting environment and reduce sport rage by being good role models. First, watch the short video from ABC journalist and sports coach Paul Kennedy who produced a series of videos for Play by the Rules on tips for parents, coaches, administrators and officials. In this first video Paul talks about setting a positive team environment. 

Encourage fair play

  • Cheer and acknowledge good plays by both teams
  • Thank the official, coach and other team after the game.

Respect officials, coaches and opponents

Keep your emotions in check

  • Be enthusiastic, but don’t scream instructions from the sideline
  • Don’t get into shouting matches with anyone
  • Never use bad language or harass others.

Uphold your club’s code of conduct

  • Understand, uphold and support your club’s code of conduct for parents.
  • If you have put your hand up to be an offical in junior sport it's important to understand all your club's rules and regulations, the spirit of the game and the relevant codes of conduct. Paul Kennedy has another great tip you can see here.

Help kids enjoy sport

Paul Kennedy has some good advice for sporting parents:

  • Emphasise trying hard and having fun, not only winning
  • Never ridicule or yell at a child for making a mistake.
  • Use our Let Kids Be Kids resources and videos to promote positive environments in sport.