Social media terms

Many players have active social media accounts. Some have professional and personal sites, while some athletes use the one platform for both. It is important for athletes to remember that anything posted on social media sites may become public, even if they have strong privacy settings.

Players should be aware of the positives and risks that social media can create and use the technology to enhance their brand rather than to put their professional online presence at risk.

  • Be familiar with and uphold your sport/club policies in relation to social media:
    • Understand expected conduct and appropriate use;
    • Understand what to do if issues arise, and
    • Understand how to report concerns
  • Players should evaluate the content (text, image or video) that they place on their social media sites or platforms to ensure it portrays them in a positive manner.
  • Sport/club Coach Code of Conduct applies online as it would “on the field”.