New e-learning hub in partnership with Sport Integrity Australia

We are delighted to announce that  Play by the Rules in partnership with Sport Integrity Australia will now host the PBTR online training modules on the Sport Integrity Australia e-learning hub.

Sport Integrity Australia e learning hub

A key recommendation of the Wood Review proposed a single identifiable education and outreach platform be established to develop and coordinate education, training and outreach courses.

Hosting the Play by the Rules online training modules on the Sport Integrity Australia e-learning hub creates a single destination for all sporting codes and administration staff to access educational materials and training in one convenient location.

Member Protection Information Officer Course

Member Protection Information Officers play an important role in sport. They provide information and guidance on complaints procedures - they are the 'go to' person if you want to discuss problems at your club/association, particularly if you are considering making a formal complaint.

The Member Protection Information Officer course is aimed at people seeking to become recognised MPIO officers in their State. The course contains 7 core modules. The modules are:

  • Introduction
  • The MPIO Role
  • Complaint resolution procedures
  • Member Protection and the Law
  • Child Protection
  • Harassment and Discrimination
  • Ethical and Practical Considerations
  • MPIO Certification

    Please note: there are two parts to qualifying as an MPIO. 

  • MPIO Part 1 - Complete a national MPIO online course via the e learning hub
  • MPIO Part 2 -  attend a local face-to-face workshop run by your sport or State/Territory Department of Sport and Recreation
  • For MPIO Part 1 - To access the online course via the e learning hub click here:

    Access the e-learning hub now

    For MPIO Part 2 - To access the local MPIO calendar and contact your State/Territory contact to book onto a face to face workshop click here:

    Access the local MPIO Calendar now

    New MPIOs and Existing MPIOs (only those who have already completed MPIO Training Part 1 and Part 2)

    If you are a new MPIO who has completed MPIO Part 1 and MPIO Part 2 training - you may sign up to the National MPIO Register here - MPIO Register - Play by the Rules - Making Sport inclusive, safe and fair

    If you are an existing MPIO - and have recently repeated the MPIO training and would like an updated certificate - please use the contact us form here. You can only join the National Register once and so any subsequent requests will need to be dealt with manually by the PBTR Team.

    If you are an existing MPIO you may also access the MPIO resources here: