Junior sport selection principles

Everyone has a role to play in ensuring junior selections go smoothly – administrators, coaches, parents and players.

Here are some good principles to go by for community level junior sport:

  • Kids sport is for kids, not adults – make sure you understand and prioritise what kids want
  • Kids sport should be fun, safe and inclusive, and maximise individual participation
  • Kids are less likely to enjoy sport if there is an over emphasis on winning, they don’t get enough playing time or they don’t play with their friends
  • A broad range of experiences (eg. team positions) adds variety, sustains interest and fosters skill development
  • Well graded competitions allow for better skill development and cater to children, particularly those in their teenage years, who seek competitivenes
  • Early specialisation can result in overuse injuries, over training, boredom, limit skill development and prevent a broad understanding of the game.

Take a look at the Play by the Rules Let Kids Be Kids resources – that put into perspective what kids sport is all about.

Consider if it's appropriate to have a Grading Policy for your club. Gymea United Football Club has an excellent example of what a Grading Policy might look like. They also have a great Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section on their website.