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This is where Play by the Rules can help you get up and running with some basic policies and guidelines your club should have.  An important first step is to have a Member Protection Policy.  The Member Protection Policy outlines how your club meets its obligations to provide a safe environment and to maintain responsible behaviour and fair decision-making.  Some of the policies below rely on the Member Protection Policy to enforce compliance.

The template policies are a minimum standard, which you can use as a starting point. Your club may wish to implement something more detailed and adapt these templates to your own needs. Where appropriate you should seek legal advice before adopting a policy or code.  

It's important that you communicate and make available your policies and codes to your members once they are approved.   

**2021 UPDATE NOTICE** - please note that many of the templates and policies below were produced as guidance for sporting organisations a number of years ago and as such are currently under review to ensure they are up to date and reflect recent regulatory and legal changes to the community sport landscape. 

As soon as updated versions are available - they will be provided, together with links to up to date source material for your reference.  In the meantime however, please note that these templates are guidance only and remain a template starting point rather than a final document. 

It remains the responsibility of each individual club/sporting organisation to ensure that their club policies and procedures are contemporary, up to date and meet your compliance and legal requirements.  PBTR takes no responsibility for any content that is out of date or inaccurate due to the passage of time.


  • Member Protection Policy

    Member Protection Policy template

    The Member Protection Policy (MPP) is a core policy document for sports clubs and associations. While many clubs and associations 'default' their MPP to their state or national body policy, you might want to develop your own MPP as all circumstances are different. You can use this template as a starting point. 

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  • Coach Code of Behaviour

    Code of Behaviour

    This template Coach Code of Behaviour aims to set out the minimum standards for coaches involved in sport. It should apply when playing, training or taking part in club-sanctioned activities.

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  • Social Media Policy

    Thumbnail image of Social Media Policy template

    The Social Media Policy template is a starting point for a sports social media policy. There is also an accompanying document and video guide to this template giving you some context and background to social media policy. 

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  • Interacting with Children Guidelines

    Guideline Interacting Children

    These guidelines are for coaches and other personnel to protect them from risk and to keep children safe. It is recommended that sporting organisations develop guidelines tailored to the needs and context of their sport. 

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  • Alcohol Policy

    Alcohol Policy template

    The Alcohol Policy template supports the reasonable consumption of alcohol and takes seriously any inappropriate behaviour that results from excessive drinking.

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  • Chaperone Policy

    Chaperone Policy template image

    The Chaperone Policy template outlines the responsibilities of chaperones and suggests a structure to engage chaperones, such as accommodation and remuneration options. 

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  • Communications Policy

    Communications Policy template

    The Communications Policy template sets out what a club or association will do to communicate via website, SMS and email and social media sites. It also outlines what actions can be taken for non-compliance. 

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  • Disability Inclusion Policy

    Disability Inclusion Policy template

    The Disability Inclusion Policy template can be used to articulate an organisations commitment to including people with disability and shows the practical things that can be done to promote inclusion.

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  • Picking up and dropping off of children

    Picking up and dropping off of children policy template

    This template shows a organisations commitment to providing a safe environment for the participation of children and young people. Part of this is ensuring that children and young people are not left alone after practice or games.

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  • Spectator Behaviour Policy

    Spectator Behaviour Policy template

    The Spectator Behaviour Policy template supports safe environments in sport. It includes statements of commitment, an outline of what the club can do to promote safe environments and what is expected of members. 

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  • Team Selection Juniors Policy

    This template affirms an organisations commitment to provide a safe and enjoyable environment for children and outlines what can be done, by the organisation and by members, to promote a lifelong love of sport. 

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  • Team Selection Open Grades Policy

    Team Selection Open Grades Policy template for sport

    This template helps sport and recreation organisations ensure there is a fair process for the selection of teams. It outlines what the organization will do and what is expected of members.

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