Kids playing water polo

Most junior sport involves selection, whether that’s pre-season grading, coaches selecting weekly teams or try outs for special teams/events. 

It can be common for selections to cause issues and conflict in clubs. It’s important to manage junior selections well, ensuring children’s enjoyment is top priority and team/club culture remains positive.

Here’s some advice for all involved.


  • Junior sport selection principles

    Kids in sport

    Everyone has a role to play in ensuring junior selections go smoothly. Here are some good principles to go by for all involved, including administrators, coaches and parents.

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  • Tips for committees and selectors

    Tips for committees

    Sport clubs usually have to manage a variety of team selections, from pre-season grading to special team selection. Here are some good practises for club committees and selection groups to follow.

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  • Tips for parents

    Girls playing hockey header

    Junior sport selections are an exciting time, but can cause angst and disappointment for some. Parents can have a big role in keeping selection time positive and enjoyable for kids.

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  • Tips for coaches

    Tips for coaches on junior selection

    Most coaches of junior sport will need to do selections. While this varies greatly in community level sport, there are some common simple strategies all coaches can put in place to ensure selections go smoothly.

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