Sport at a grassroots level needs to be safe, it needs to be fair, it needs to be honest, respectful and have integrity. Without these things sport can lose its relevance and meaning. If people do not have belief and trust in the game, in the activity, then why would people do it? 

In the perfect world sport would always have integrity. But the world is not perfect and sometimes things can go wrong. The good news is the vast majority of people want to see sport as having integrity. In this section you will get a good understanding of what integrity in sport is, what the emerging issues are and what can you do to help protect the integrity of sport. 

  • Integrity in sport examples

    Ethical decision making

    There are many ways that the integrity of sport can come under threat. In this section we look at different ethical dilemmas in sport and use the Ethical Decision Making Framework to work through them. 

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  • Integrity in sport - what can you do?

    Integrity in sport - what can you do?

    It’s very important that all of us that care about community sport work together to protect the integrity of sport. The foundation of sport, at whatever level, is built on principles of fairness and respect – win, lose or draw – we want to know that the competition has been honest and people respect the effort and participation of everyone involved.

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  • Integrity in sport - what is it?

    Integrity in sport - what is it?

    It’s very difficult to provide any type of formal definition of what integrity in sport is. The fact is that it means different things to different people. Here, we briefly consider the broad concept of integrity in sport. 

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