That was a classic.  Big day tomorrow.  Let’s hit the hay.

No can do bro’.  I need to prepare my workout supps.

Have you thought about just eating the right food and getting a good night’s sleep?

Bro’, you don’t get massive by sleeping.  Besides, I’ve just purchased this muscle shredder 5000 online.  10 days of this stuff, morning, noon and night and I’ll be ripped, yeh!

Yeh, but what’s in it?

A bit of this and a bit of that.

Goo go, cider fangy cider thingy. 

Just the best stuff.  All the good athletes use it.  Yes, but who said it would work for you?

Good question.

If you have a look here at pump you up 69 baby, yeah, this unit’s going to be cut. Wow!  The only thing you need to cut is the BS.  Let’s face it.  Supplements can have a place but only after consulting with a nutritionist, dietitian or even your sports coach.  Taking the wrong stuff can really mess you up.

Get informed and know what you’re doing with supps.

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