Welcome to the Introduction to the Integrity of Sport mini-course. This is the recommended start point for the Integrity in Sport series of mini-courses. Once completed you will be ready to tackle some of the other mini-courses in this series you'll find below.

What will you learn from this mini-course?

  • What integrity in sport means
  • The main integrity issues facing grassroots sport today
  • What policies and protections exist that prevent integrity issues occurring
  • Reflect on how integrity issues can occur and why integrity matters in sport

Integrity in sport issues are as old as sport itself and date back to the first Olympic Games. These days issues around illicit drugs in sport, performance enhancing drugs, match fixing, doping issues, gambling and even grass roots issues around discrimination and harassment in sport from coaches and parents occur across sport on a weekly basis.

Integrity in sport online course 

Sports and governing bodies have introduced policies and programs to address these issues but still they continue. This mini-course will provide an overview of the issues around the integrity of sport, how they occur, why they occur and some of the things that have been done to address them. 

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Dr Paul Oliver

Course convenor:

Dr Paul Oliver

Oliver & Thompson Consultancy