Thankfully, there are many things you can do to address poor sideline behaviour at junior sport. We've compiled a suite of resources for you to put together your own 'toolkit' on the issue. You can choose any of the resources below and use or adapt them to your needs.  
LKBK Videos
  • Ellyse Perry video

    You are free to use any of our Let Kids be Kids videos to promote awareness of poor sideline behaviour. There are a variety of powerful videos with sporting icons and kids - in long or short (30 second) format. Simply go to our Vimeo channel where you can view and download all the Let Kids be Kids video and extract the embed codes if you wish.  You can use them on your website, at events and through social media. 

    Go to Let Kids be Kids videos

  • Let Kids be Kids infographic

    We've produced an infographic with data that supports the key messages of Let Kids be Kids. This would be very useful to give (digitally or in hard copy) to people in your club or association to reinforce good sideline behaviour. Great for generally promoting positive messages. There are 2 versions - as a pdf and png image.

    Download the infographic

  • You can copy and paste a 600 word article to use in your newsletters, posts and wherever you like. The article is called Kids call timeout on poor sideline behaviour and has important links back to the Play by the Rules Let Kids be Kids toolkit.  

    Get LKBK Article


LKBK Audio files
  • You can embed our sporting icons audio files and use them to promote the messages of Let Kids be Kids. Go to our Audio Files section where you'll be able to download any of the Let Kids be Kids audio files. These are great to use on your website, at events or through social media.  

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LKBK Banners
  • We've put together a set of 19 website banners in three different sizes for your website. They feature all the Let Kids be Kids sports icons. You can link these banners directly to Play by the Rules at - where people will find the Let Kids be Kids information and toolkit.

    Ellyse Perry banner

LKBK Posters
  • A message to all parents

    The PLEASE REMEMBER posters are an easy way to remind people at your club that this is only a game and to respect the players, coaches and officials at all times. These posters have been downloaded thousands of times. They come in print ready format and are sport specific. 

    Go to PLEASE REMEMBER Posters

Spectator Behaviour Policy template
  • Similarly, a Spectator Behaviour Policy helps set the ground rules for spectator behaviour. It's a useful regulatory tool to help your organisation set policy on the issue. Luckily, we have a template for you. 

    Go to Spectator Behaviour Policy template

Codes of Conduct Templates
  • It's important that all sport and recreation organisations have codes of conduct. However, it can be a 'pain' to develop one from scratch. A good starting point is to use our templates and modify them to your own needs. Here we have templates for Codes of Conduct for coaches, players, parents, administrators and officials. You can download them as 'word docs' and special infographic format so you can use as posters or in newsletters and webpages. 

    Get Code of Behaviour Templates

Ground Announcement Script
  • Ground announcements are an easy way to remind people about appropriate behaviour and your organisations expectations. Below is a sample script you can adapt for your own needs. 

    Get your Ground Announcement Script