It’s very important that all of us that care about community sport work together to protect the integrity of sport. The foundation of sport, at whatever level, is built on principles of fairness and respect – win, lose or draw – we want to know that the competition has been honest and people respect the effort and participation of everyone involved. Below, we first consider The Big Picture and give you a framework you can use to help make ethical decisions about integrity issues. Then we consider three emerging areas of concern to the integrity of sport and give you some resources and links to help you further understand these emerging threats. 


  • Anti-doping


    Doping is a huge issue in elite sport. But doping issues can also impact at a sub-elite and even grassroots level of sport. Is doping an issue at your club? Do you know where to get information and support on doping issues? 

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  • The Big Picture - Ethical Decision Making in Sport

    Ethical Decision Making header

    Addressing integrity issues in sport will mean you will have to make decisions. Decisions based on the ethics and values of yourself and your club or association. The Ethical Decision Making Framework is a tool you can use to help you do that. 

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  • Supplements and image enhancing substances

    Supplements - know whats right for you

    There are a lot of misconceptions and misinformation about the use of supplements and image enhancing substances in sport. Supplements can have a place in sport – they are not all bad. But how do you know if what you are using is doing what it claims to do? How do you get informed about the right kind of supplements for you?

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