WHERE: Waterview in Bicentennial Park, Sydney Olympic Park  (waterview-maps)

START: 8.30 am

FINISH: 4.30 pm

COST: $180

The Diversity and Inclusion in Sport Forum is a TEDx style event featuring short, sharp presentations that are meant to get you thinking about inclusion and diversity issues in sport. It's a unique annual event that brings together people at the forefront of diversity and inclusion.

There will be ten presentations on the day. Each speaker will talk for 12-15 minutes. Following each session there will be panel discussion debate and audience questions hosted by our host Katrina Webb.  We also have a 'Grass Roots Sport Panel' where we debate inclusion and diversity issues from the perspective of people who are at the forefront of inclusion.

Talks will be punctuated by the latest and best videos and social media campaigns on topics relevant to the Forum.

Attendees will have time to network and meet with colleagues in the sector in a friendly and welcoming environment.

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