• Let Kids Be Kids - the kids


    Poor sideline behaviour can have a significant impact on how much kids enjoy sport - it can even determine if our kids continue in sport. When you are a kid you want to have fun, be with your friends and be supported by parents and spectators. Listen to how poor sideline behaviour impacts on these kids!  

Something went in my eye.


Getting my hands on the footy and just being with my mates. 

I like having fun. 

Just being around friends and enjoying yourself. 

I like being outdoors. 

It just makes me happy. 

Having fun I think is the main thing. 

It doesn't really mater if you win at least you get to play.

And if you lose its not the end of the world. 

I don't like it when people get yelled at or when I get yelled at. 

It's pretty embarrassing when someone is shouting at you half way through the game. 

Watch your passes.

You're so bad. 

You're not that great.

It's mainly how they say it. 

It makes me feel that I am useless and I can't do anything. 

I saw a father bashing his own son. 

And all the parents were arguing with each other. 

It was pretty stressful and it made me feel not good at all. 

I stopped because I was being yelled at. It just wasn't any fun anymore. 

He's not put on this earth to be bashed. To be stripped on his confidence. 

They don't understand that I am doing my best. 

Just stop. 


Would you please stop yelling at me on the court because it's making me feel like I can't do it anymore. 

If they've got to yell out they could say something encouraging. 

Things like 'good job' 

Good pass. 

You're good - just keep trying and you'll get there. 

Or, that was a great job. 

You're doing great. 

Try as hard as you can. 

When I hear people yelling from the sidelines I want them to say 'good job'. 

We're just kids. 

Just let us have fun and do what we love. 

We're just hear to have fun. 

Just let kids be kids.