October 2020

Wide Bay Gymnastics Zoom sessions

What we did

During Covid-19 lock down our coaches at Wide Bay Gymnastics club arranged Zoom sessions with our competitive Gymnasts to maintain strength and skills whilst not been able to train at our clubs’ facilities in the Wide Bay Region.
These Zoom sessions were run weekly on Mon, Wed, Fri and Saturday by their respective coach delivering ongoing training, critical in maintaining strength and skills of our gymnasts.

A very special guest - Georgia Godwin was invited to attend our Zoom sessions, this was kept secret from our gymnasts and the level of excitement and buzz obtained from the girls during these sessions was something out of this world, once Georgia unexpectedly joined the zoom sessions.

The live experience made our gymnast feel extremely special that they could openly talk and interact with Georgia Godwin, an inspirational leader and gymnast in her own right.

Georgia wished one of our gymnasts a simple "Happy Birthday", what a memory to take forward in their young life' but ultimately creating a lifelong memory provided by a role model in the sport they love.

Why we did it

The following sessions were donated by Georgia Godwin - 1 Session - Level 5+, 1 Session - Level 3 & 4 with no prior connection with Georgia personally, a true champion going out of her way to make our gymnasts day feel very special.

During these sessions Georgia Godwin offered her guidance and support, joined In the zoom session with the class and continued for the 1 hour session with our gymnasts offering her praise to our gymnast with respect to their technique and skill level that she witnessed during the zoom session

These small moments of praise are instilled in their minds for life, a small but inspiring 1 hr zoom session with a leader in the sport of gymnastics, engaging and instilling confidence in their early young life’s as a competitive gymnast, keeping the motivation and thirst alive for their much-loved involvement in gymnasts.

How we know it worked

The interaction with Georgia has given some of our gymnast the additional courage to reach out to Georgia specifically at a later stage on social media to seek guidance on dealing with a few common issues encountered in this sport, i.e. lack of focus, change of coaches

Georgia expressed how difficult It was for herself maintaining focus and commitment to the sport she loves and how she remained focus and devoted to her own training regime during Covid-19 and shared her experience and support to our gymnast.

The engagement and willingness of Georgia Godwin to partake in our zoom sessions with our Level 3-5 competitive gymnasts has had far further reaching impact than anticipated and our gymnasts and the Wide Bay Gymnastics Club offer our greatest thanks and gratitude to Georgia for making a real difference In our young gymnast mental focus.