October 2020

Werribee Football Club

What we did

Our InterACTIVE Community Series was an original initiative set out to develop interactive online content designed to drive activity levels and engagement of school students and community groups learning from home during the COVID-19 pandemic. The clubs community development department consulted with local council, community clubs and school teachers to address the challenges faced with at home learning. The videos were designed with several limiting factors in mind. These included a lack of space for activity, sporting equipment, knowledge and experience of physical activity and time during school hours.

The sessions were filmed at the clubs home ground facilities in Werribee and a soft launch was rolled out to Manor Lakes College at the end of April. Following this the series was officially launched on the 11th of May 2020. The official launch consisted of 2 sessions with a further 8 sessions being added over the coming weeks. The final product was a 10 part YouTube series. The content was delivered to over 40 schools In the Wyndham region as well as 15 AFL Auskick centres and all Western Region Football League Clubs. The videos received over 1300 views on YouTube and have been shared widely with community partners Pacific Werribee and CDC Victoria.


Why we did it

Historically, The Werribee Football Club have done a power of work with schools and local sporting bodies in the Wyndham region to drive football participation and activity levels of children and young people of all walks of life. As lockdown regulations were rolled out the community was faced with swiftly moving to educational, community and social engagement to online mediums. The Club consulted with local school and sporting bodies and quickly recognized the challenge faced by teachers and facilitators to achieve the government recommended 30 minutes of physical activity per day.

With this challenge in mind the community development team set out to develop ways to meet our strategic goals of driving sports participation and increasing physical activity through non-traditional methods. Losing the ability to engage with the community in a face to face format the club focused on using its existing online platforms to deliver a program that would both promote physical activity in an a home setting and engage participants with fun football based games and challenges.

How we know it worked

Following the series, the club set out to seek feedback from participants, schools and sporting bodies. This feedback was overwhelmingly thankful and positive. An example of this was Manor Lakes College Teacher Matt Wilkinson saying “Through the use of the Werribee Football Club online classes we have been able keep our AFL academy students actively working on their skill development and maintaining their fitness level whilst at home,” there was also significant feedback from schools asking for continued assistance in the development of football specific curriculum.

This led to a number of strong partnerships with schools becoming stronger and during the period of eased restrictions we were able to produce sessions with student involvement. Off the back of strengthened partnerships with schools we also launched an At Home Learning pack for participants to use in addition to the InterACTIVE Community Series.