November 2020

Haileybury Aquatic

What we did

Our Initiative Is called the Haileybury Aquatic Love Project (#HALP). We launched it on our Facebook and Instagram pages on the 27th July 2020 and it was ongoing while we remained in lockdown in Melbourne. I just looked up online, what things can help with mental wellbeing and came up with something different each day to share on our social media (Facebook & Instagram).

On Monday we focused on getting i. the kitchen and creating a healthy snack or recipe. Tuesdays we focused on motivational quotes. Wednesdays we added some stretching or yoga moves. Thursday we added music to the Haileybury Aquatic Lockdown playlist on Spotify. Friday we found some interesting swimming related facts. Saturdays our focus was laughter so either a joke, meme or funny video was shared, and on Sunday we relaxed and found something that helped us relax outside with a photo. Each day a swimmer was selected to provide our social media with a photo and information to share on their topic. To select a swimmer, we have a team meeting and the swimmers put forward their case as to why they should do a certain day and then the team has a vote as to who they think should do each role.

We ran for 4 weeks and it was a great success with 28 different swimmers putting their hand up to contribute and some great efforts with their roles. There is an example below of what each day looked like on our social media but you can also check them out at and

Why we did it

The aim was to get the swimmers involved in helping each other and our community of social media (Facebook & Instagram) followers out throughout lockdown In Melbourne by providing and sharing something different online each day to either get people involved or at least make them smile. There is a big focus on how bad social isolation/lockdown has been on our mental health so we are trying to do our bit for the community. As we know, all the pools were closed, and the bay water temperature is freezing so we are unable to swim. Our swimmers were struggling mentally, and we also needed to keep our swimmers engaged somehow and they are all on social media, especially Instagram, so what better way to keep them engaged than taking the engagement to them.

So, we post things their peers have done online each day to keep them connected and also to make them smile. Some of the swimmers have been getting very creative with their daily task as well.

How we know it worked

Our Initiative is ongoing but I guess we measure it on how many 'likes' we get on our social media accounts and also the effort the swimmers go into creating something interesting for their tasks and photos.

We don’t have any targets, we are just trying to do our best at helping everyone out and keeping each other smiling.