October 2020

Firbank Allstars

What we did

The Firbank AllStars (also known as AllStars - Sport for All) offers sporting opportunities to children living in Bayside Melbourne. The inclusive program is usually delivered weekly during term time with volunteer staff and students from Firbank Grammar (hence the name Firbank Allstars). COVID-19 has forced us to rethink how we deliver these sporting opportunities. One idea was to take a popular community charity fun run and complete it remotely as a relay.

Organisers of the very popular Connor's Run decided to make the 2020 run a 'do It your way/ any day' run for the month of September. This provided the AllStars with an opportunity to do the community run their way. Our AllStars, with the help of family and volunteers, ran a nominated distance (often managing to run further than expected). Our volunteers also ran their nominated distance. Our goal was to achieve a total distance of 18kms (the distance of the usual Connor's Run). The Firbank AllStars Connor's Run relay team exceeded all expectations by completing 75.16 kms. We started this relay on Saturday 5th September and all 15 team members had completed their runs by Friday 11th September.

The group felt proud of their achievements and very happy to be involved in the community run. The COVID-19 adaptions of Connor's Run made this event accessible for our all abilities group, even through the tightest of lockdown restrictions.

Why we did it

We decided to do this to complement the existing online sessions we had been running. It was a popular option as it allowed participants to step away from their screens, complete physical activity with a family member, do it as a relay team member and perhaps most importantly be able to join In a community event successfully. The opportunity to complete the Connor's Run 'our way' (due to COVID-19 restrictions) opened a door for us to create a sporting opportunity for our participants and volunteers.

How we know it worked

The AllStars easily surpassed their target distance of 18kms, in fact 'the team' did more than 4 times that amount. The fact that they exceeded expectations by that much is a measure of our success. All 15 relay team members covered at least 3kms (some a lot more than that), we used nominated family runners to run on behalf of one participant. Our AllStars group feels very proud of our achievement in this community fun run.