October 2020

What we did

We began a Members Monday Moments piece that featured on our Face Book page and team App page as well as a Friday Funnies segment that encouraged all of our members to participate with story's and jokes.

It enabled members to stay in touch while providing an escape with humour and personal stories. We used this platform to introduce our new committee members with a photo and personal blurb then invited others to tell us their history with Cheetahs. We also invited joke telling for light relief and discovered those with hidden humour!

Why we did it

We tried to come up with a way to stay connected throughout this time and have been amazed and delighted with the response. Everyone has a story to tell and this was our platform.

We had been staying in touch and reaching out via email but this seemed to be a more personal and viable pathway to reach not only our own members but with the sharing ability it reached a far wider audience.

How we know it worked

The feedback has been awesome with many people getting in touch and saying they were enjoying the features but the real evidence would be the "likes" received. We are planning to continue this initiative to keep connected to others and to provide light relief.