October 2020

Casey Basketball Association

What we did

In late March 2020, Casey Basketball was forced to suspend all basketball competitions and programs indefinitely.

Basketball is a weekly staple to many members of the community, so the Association was already proactively developing an online workout forum to encourage continued participation free of charge.

The platform took place online via Facebook. A public Facebook group was born 'Casey Basketball Home Workouts'. This was opened to the world, not just Casey Basketball members. We saw people from across Australia participate and upload.

The key to the program was that 3x per week, Casey Basketball Association would upload a workout video with instructions and encourage people to complete the workout, film themselves and post it to the Facebook group.

From there, our expert coaches, volunteer coaches and community members would reply with feedback, encouragement, and positive reinforcement.

We had an incredible response that achieved the following numbers:

  • 1078 Members
  • 2,000+ Video Uploads
  • 4,000+ Comments
  • 24,000+ Post Reacts

This Facebook group can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/224508685591513

Casey Basketball continues to create online content and online programs with the hope that a return to on court basketball can commence before the end of 2020.

This content can be found online here: https://www.caseybasketball.com.au/player-portal-2/


Why we did it

With the indefinite suspension of all community sports, the Association would have simply closed its doors like many other similar basketball Associations have done during this time. However, it is important to Casey Basketball that a connection and engagement is always maintained.

This is not only to ensure our members return to basketball when it is safe to do so, but for their own physical and mental wellbeing. We have been inundated with positive feedback from parents and members, acknowledging the hard work the Association has completed whilst all its staff have been reduced in working hours.

This includes notice of increased fitness and skill of many young athletes, as well as continued mateship being developed when the participants get to interact with each other.

How we know it worked

Initially, there was a target that was thrown up to get one hundred participants. However, we achieved 10 times that amount in what was an overwhelming success. 

Not only has this maintained participation within the community, it has also highlighted to them that the Association is always there for them no matter what format it may be in. It also reassures tham that when the time comes, the Association has been working hard to ensure it can reopen its doors in a safe and sustainable manner.