October 2020

What we did

Brimbank Stallions has 350 players distributed amongst 34 teams. Since the 1st lockdown was announced, Brimbank Stallions made the decision to digitize our training delivery. Being agile and staying ahead of the game during the COVID crisis has been imperative to the success of our Club as well as ensuring our players remain engaged.

As a committee our purpose was to ensure our players remained engaged and continued with their fitness and technical ability.

Since March, Brimbank Stallions has offered the following:

Technical Training

  • 24 Technical Videos: The videos were purposely designed to provide players an opportunity to learn, refine and practice key techniques, whilst also developing relevant football speed, agility and balance. Each activity was designed to be repetitive; with a purpose to inspire the player to improve their foot skills. Examples of our Technical Videos are as follows:
  • 287 zoom training session: The program was easily adapted to backyards, parks and indoor areas. Both team and larger group training sessions are available and will continue to be available until we return to physical training.

Example of Sequence 2 video:


Targeted Communication

  • New feeds, chats are offered via Team App. Team App was revamped this year to be set up as separate security groups. This meant that news was delivered only to relevant groups. Through this initiative, Brimbank Stallions FC averages 6000 views per month on Team App.
  • We have also given a face-lift to our Facebook and Instagram sites. In fact, average views have doubled in 2020 with 1200 views per video on Instagram and 3000 views per video on Facebook.

Why we did it

A continued focus on Player engagement was the specific reason beyond COVID that we introduced the above initiatives. A commitment to coaching consistency and excellence, across all age groups and ensuring the best possible ‘fit’ for individual players meant that we, as a Club, would be setting the standard for engagement during this difficult time. Having constant engagement as well as ensuring our players were still working on their foot skills has meant that Brimbank Stallions FC players would remain "current" post lock down.

How we know it worked

To remain agile, we ran regular pulse checks to gauge a sense of satisfaction from the parents and players. This included 3 Q&A Parents sessions as well as surveys.

Of the parents that responded to the survey, results were as follows:

  • 100% were SATISFIED with the online training
  • 85% felt their child was technically a better player now than prior to COVID

Other statistics of interest was as follows:

  • Initial uptake of the zoom sessions was 45%. This has steadily Increased over time.
  • For the month of August, the uptake of zoom session was 78%.
  • Although the training Is the same (but has been tweaked), we found our players respond to the communication with the Coach and fellow team mates.