July 2017

sport celebration

Everybody loves a club function. They’re a great chance to celebrate the club, get together with teammates and build comradery and team morale. We celebrate for lots of different reasons. Special events, special people and special days. These events are an important part of our lifestyle and vital to the ongoing success of clubs. They’re also a great opportunity to acknowledge the incredible efforts of players, volunteers and supporters – those people that make our club community so special.

The best celebrations are events where everyone feels safe and involved. Ensuring all club members have an understanding of expected behaviour is important. Whether at a club event, or representing the club in the broader community, all club members should be proud to celebrate their team in a respectful way, representing the club in a manner which reflects the club’s values and policies.

Setting clear expectations benefits everyone. It helps to support players and officials to stay safe and to celebrate without putting themselves or others at increased risk of injury or illness; it also helps to protect clubs from liability by ensuring there are key procedures for everyone to refer to in the case of an incident.

At Good Sports, we’re all about acknowledging achievements and we encourage clubs to get together and celebrate their club. After all, the best part about playing sport is the chance to be a part of a team; sharing the joy of sport with the entire club community. 

One of the keys to promoting safe celebrations is communication. When it comes to celebrations, it’s important that everyone is playing from the same game-plan. 

Having a Code of Conduct or Alcohol Management Policy is a great way to set clear expectations for club members and guests. But a policy is no good if nobody knows about it. Clearly communicating policy expectations to club members is as important as the policy itself.

Good Sports has put together some resources for clubs to use and share around the club to encourage members and guests to follow club policy and celebrate the safe way. Together we can create positive change and inspire a healthier sporting nation!

Our Safe Celebrations Toolkit includes:

  • Safe Celebrations Guide: This guide outlines the importance of hosting safe celebrations in more detail. This includes info on the risks associated with club celebrations and what your club can do to help protect itself from liability.
  • Safe Celebrations Team Talk Guide & Speaking Notes: Use these resources to help start the conversation about safe celebrations at your club
  • Safe Celebrations Tips: Practical tips for you to share with club members and guests.
  • Newsletter Copy: Use this template to build awareness about safe celebrations at your club in the lead-up to any club events.
  • Social Media Messages: Spread the safe celebrations message on your club’s social media pages using these digital resources.
  • Good Sports Function Guidelines: These guidelines have heaps of information to support clubs to host safe celebrations, including updated information regarding standard drink restrictions and practical strategies to help reduce risky drinking in clubs.
  • Putting in place these strategies will not only help to keep your club members and guests safe, it will also help to prepare and protect your club in the case of any incidents. Be proud of your club and your policies and make sure that everyone is on the same page when it comes to celebrating your awesome club and community.

Good Sports is Australia’s largest and longest running health initiative in community sports. A program of the Alcohol and Drug Foundation, Good Sports aims to build stronger communities by championing positive change and helping to create family-friendly thriving clubs. Today, we’re proud to have more than 7,500 clubs a part of the Good Sports team. Sporting clubs have a unique ability to positively influence club members and the wider community. Good Sports is all about providing clubs with the resources and support they need to make their club environments even stronger and safer places for locals to play and enjoy sport; improving responsible alcohol consumption, safe transport and in some states nutrition and mental health.

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