April 2023

As you may be aware, as a result of the introduction of Sport Integrity Australia and the National Integrity Framework (NIF) and the changing landscape in which Play by the Rules (PBTR) now operates, a National Review of the PBTR Member Protection Information Officer (MPIO) Program was undertaken late last year to discuss the training program and MPIO role and how it could be more effective and efficient for NSOs, SSOs, sporting clubs and PBTR users across Australia.

The review found that the MPIO has played an integral role in community sport over the last 16 years in providing members with information and options on what they can do if they have a safeguarding or member protection issue. However, it also found that the role needs clarity on its function and what it can and can’t do, the online course and face-to-face training workshop and content needed updating and made consistent across the state/territory sector, more support needed to be offered to MPIOs when they are in the role (post-training), and greater promotion and awareness was required throughout the network so the MPIO was utilised by all members.

The Review has been completed and its recommendations accepted, and as a result, the following activities are underway:

MPIO program/role:

  • The PBTR National MPIO program will continue to be offered to Australian sport members via national and state/territory partnerships to keep sport safe, fair and inclusive.
  • The Member Protection Information Officer (MPIO) title is a trusted, respected and embedded brand in community sport and will remain the same.
  • The MPIO will continue to function as an information, support and advocacy role for sport members.
  • As previously, the role does not involve managing or investigating complaints. This should continue to be undertaken by Sport Integrity Australia (if the matter falls within its remit), or the sport and its complaints officer.

MPIO training and delivery:

  • The MPIO program information will be updated and refreshed on the PBTR website.
  • All e-learning and face-to-face training materials and training delivery materials will be updated and refreshed.
  • The stage 1 online MPIO course will continue to be available on SIA’s e-learning hub.
  • The stage 2 face-to-face/online MPIO workshop will continue to be delivered by state/territory sport agencies (or their nominated training delivery partners). 
  • Support services and a community of practice will be offered to the MPIO network on the PBTR website. 

The aim is to re-launch the new updated National MPIO Program in July 2023. Until this time, the current PBTR MPIO program and training delivery will remain in place - MPIO Online Course - Play by the Rules - Making Sport inclusive, safe and fair. Continue to look for upcoming MPIO training courses on the PBTR website or your state/territory website.