November 2023

The latest Play by the Rules Magazine is out now, and it’s all about eSafety in sport. In this issue we’ll get into exactly what the eSafety Commissioner does and how the work of eSafety can help you, why these resources are needed, and how you can report online abuse. 

We also chat to community clubs about how they use social media to connect with their players and members, and what our responsibilities are as members of Aussie sport. 

Lastly, we can learn more about the risks of cyber-attacks and what we can do about it with Sport Integrity Australia’s Cyber Safety and Security in Sport eLearning course.

Whether you’re chronically online or you feel like computers are all just zeros and ones, this issue will have something you can take away and apply the next time you log on.

Read Issue 43 of the Play by the Rules Magazine here:
Download the accessible PDF here: Play by the Rules Magazine Issue 43
Or the .DOCX version here: Play by the Rules Magazine Issue 43 Word Version

This article was authored by the Play by the Rules team and published on 13 November 2023.