The Play by the Rules magazine is a free online magazine for people interested in safe, fair and inclusive sport issues. The magazine comes in three different formats - a Flip Book with embedded media, a PDF version with links and a plain text version. The Flip Book version of each magazine is only available for 12 months following publication.

In each Issue there are news updates, feature articles and Play by the Rules course and resource profiles. Take a look below for the latest Issue and all back Issues - there are some great articles and resources to access in this growing library. The best way to keep up-to-date is to subscribe to Play by the Rules and you'll be notified when new Issues are ready. 

Latest Issue
  • Issue 3: June 2014

    Feature articles:

    • Clubs put peurile parents on notice
    • Landmark report on homophobia
    • Hitting the mark on safe, fair and inclusive sport
    • Discrimination and Equal Opportunity Issues in Sport: Membership of Private Sporting Organisations