The Play by the Rules - Child Protection course is a free, interactive online training course suitable for coaches, administrators, officials, players, parents and spectators. In this course you will learn:

  • what child abuse is
  • your rights and responsibilities under child protection laws
  • how the laws apply to sporting organisations, clubs, their employees and volunteers
  • when, where and how to report incidents
  • how to establish a welcoming and inclusive environment at your club or organisation.

The course is short, user-friendly and features the latest interactive technology, including case studies, practical scenarios and a quiz. The course may be done in part, or all at once.

Child Protection online course 

Users who successfully finish the course and the assessment quizzes can print a certificate of completion.

To access the course click on the button below and register:

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Child Safe Sport workshop – New South Wales

The Office of Sport has developed a Child Safe Sport workshop which helps to create awareness on how clubs can create safer environments for children and young people.

The workshop is designed for club committees, administrators and volunteers, the workshop will cover:

  • Practical ways clubs can be more child safe
  • Creating a child safe culture
  • Why listening to and involving children is important
  • Child safety policy, procedures and recruitment
  • The Working with Children Check
  • Link to useful resources, templates and tools.

Bookings can be made through the Office of Sport website

Child Safe Officer course - South Australia

The SA Office of Recreation and Sport runs specific Child Safe Officer face-to-face training. Upcoming courses are on their website

In SA, Child Safe Officers help promote the message that keeping children safe is everyone's responsibility. Every club must work towards minimising risk to children and the Child Safe Officer helps to ensure everyone is aware of the club's policies and procedures to support this goal.

Working with Child Checks 101 - Western Australia

The WA Working with Children Screening Unit host regular workshops for employers and organisations wanting more information about complying with their WWC Check responsibilities.

The ‘WWC Checks 101: Everything Organisations Need to Know’ workshop includes information about:

  • The features of the WWC Check;
  • What ‘ongoing checking’ means for employers and organisations;
  • Who needs a WWC Check;
  • Complying with your WWC Check obligations;
  • Managing adverse decisions; and
  • Child safety and the National Principles for Child Safe Organisations.

Visit, to find a workshop near you.