Match-fixing sign

The National Integrity of Sport Unit defines match-fixing as:

"irregularly influencing the course or result of a sports event in order to obtain advantage for oneself or for others and to remove all or part of the uncertainty normally associated with sport.'

It goes without saying that a fundamental aspect of why so many people love and enjoy sport is a belief in the fairness of the contest and the uncertainty of the outcome. When these things are compromised then sport becomes pointless. Match-fixing and the associated corruption that stems from it, is not limited to professional or high performance sport. Match-fixing has happened at local matches and tournaments across the country. No sport can be said to be immune from match-fixing in some form in the future. 

The main reason people get involved in match-fixing is for personal or financial gain. Sports betting agencies have a high profile in Australia and offer the opportunity for high sums to be gambled on sporting events with the prospect of very high returns.

It is important to understand that betting itself is a legitimate pursuit, but illegal or fraudulent betting is not. It is this illegal and fraudulent betting on sport, often through offshore online agencies, that some people see the opportunity to manipulate games for financial benefit. This has serious implications for sport at all levels. 

In 2015 Play by the Rules joined forces with the National Integrity of Sport Unit and other partners for the Safeguarding the Integrity of Sport forums. These forums addressed a range of issues including match-fixing. Below you can see a recording of the presentation by Damian Voltz from the National Integrity of Sport Unit at the May Sydney Forum who provides a fascinating insight into the world of match-fixing. 


Download the transcript ebook of this presentation

The National Integrity of Sport Unit have also produced an excellent online course on match-fixing that will help you understand the issues and equip you with the tools to spot the warning signs and take action on any issues that may occur. It's called Keep Sport Honest and you can access it by clicking the image below.  

Keep Sport Honest online course